Outreach and Drop in

 We visit children and young people living on the streets and invite them to sport activities and/or to our Drop-In Center. At the Drop-In Center we provide for their basic needs such as meals, medical help, counselling and teaching. The aim is to build up trusting relationships to those living on the streets, to find out their history and to work towards a decision for them to come off the streets 

Shelter and Foster Home

 At the moment we have 8 foster care homes, which provide temporary and long-term shelter and care for children who have come off the streets. The shelter is the first stage home to help children in the transition from street life into life of a home and family. During this time we try to contact their family and see if a reintegration into their own family will be possible. Those who can't be reintegrated will move from the shelter into one of our Foster Homes. Here they become part of a family, they attend school and receive life skills and counselling to help them grow into mature and responsible citizens 

Family Reconciliation and Counseling

Many of the street children have run away from their homes because of family problems such us divorce or death of parents, problems in relationship with stepparents, alcohol and drug addiction of parents, abuse, negligence, poverty and other conflicts.  One of out main aims is to see families being restored and reconciled to each other. We do regular family visits, follow-up and counselling with parents and relatives.