Dar es salaam

The Beginning



Here is where everything began in the end of 1997 with a Christmas Party for Street Children. A small group of people continued to meet with street children every Saturday afternoon and later on during the week at open spaces in town. In 2002 the work got registered under the name of SAFINA STREET NETWORK and the first Drop-In Center opened at Shaaban Robert Street.




  • We have a weekly outreach program which meets with street children on different football fields through out town
  • In our shelter we can receive up to 10 children for a transitional period from street life to family life.
  • We have three Foster Homes for children and young people, who are not able to return to their own families 
  • We have a home visit program for those children, who are now staying again with their own families but still receive some support from Safina
  • We have small group Bible Studies, camps and seminars
  • We teach at the Children Remand Home

Our future Plans



  • Development of the Mwandege Foster Home in agriculture and Memkwa School (Project SAF/DSM/MW/01)
  • Purchase of land/building for an office in town 
  • Small scale projects to support the work
  •  We have a small foster home which gives shelter to those unable to return back to their families
  • We have a home visiting and school support program for those who returned back to their families and now continue with school
  • We also have farming and building land and hope to built a shelter facility in near future (Project SAF/SIN/01)


The Beggining


Our Iringa Branch was opened in 2007 after we had started to help a small group of street boys with a Kokoteni Project at the local market. We also have seen many children from Iringa coming to Dar es Salaam.




  • We have an office in town and visit children and youth who are on the streets
  • We have a small foster home for some children who needed long term shelter and care
  • We visit and support former street children, who have returned home to their own families and relatives

Future Plans


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The beggining


 In 2004 we opened our first branch in Dodoma in order to assist children, who had returned to their families in nearby villages to Dodoma town. But we also wanted to help and prevent children from running away from home or to Dar es Salaam. 




  • We have an office and Drop-In Centre near the airport, which provides lunch for children going to Primary and Secondary School and are supported by Safina
  • We have a Friday Night Street Outreach
  • We have two Foster Homes, which presently provides shelter to 23 former street children 
  • We have a home- and school visiting program in order to support and monitor over 150 former street and vulnerable children, who are now supported by Safina
  • We also have an acrobatic group, scout group and children's choir

Our Future Plans



Opening a Shelter facility.

Building a camp and conference site (Project SAF/DOD/01) and also building a kindergarten(Project SAF/DOD/02)


The Beggining


 In 2006 we got invited to support a street children project in Singida and ended up staying to continue with outreach to children on the streets. Many of the children came from nearby villages in Singida and came to the streets because of poverty and families unable to educate their many children.  




  • We have an office and Drop-In Center in town which offers breakfast every morning for those on the streets but also some teaching and counselling
  • We also have a foster home for street children in need for a temporary home

Future Plans